Problem Glyphs Kickstarter–Hack Your Subconscious



The campaign for the Problem Glyphs art book, by artist/bog witch Eliza Gauger and enabled by Strix Publishing, is now live on the Kickstarter.

This is a thing you want to be hip to, folks.

The concept goes like this: Starting in late 2013, people would write in personal problems to Ms. Gauger, anonymously, and she would respond with a hand-drawn sigil representing a possible solution, or simply lending support. The art created in response to the flood of requests is simply staggering.

I have suspicions that Ms. Gauger is some sort of cyborg. Like her hands pop apart into twelve separate pens, and she just goes shithouse. It’s an astonishing body of work, and it’s good work. There’s a glyph for every problem, from trans kids wanting to own their flesh and feel magnificent in it, to survivors of abuse wanting to change the narrative of their experiences, to people who want to get the hell off-planet. It’s what I point to when I want to illustrate the idea of art helping people. It’s sure as shit helped me, at some really lousy, low times.

Go, have a look.


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